Alliance Machine Specialties, Inc. is a state of the art "one stop shop" for all of your pumping needs. AMS has been in business for 19 years, one of the benefits of using AMS is that we handle a variety of different capacities for your convenience. In other words, we have a lot to offer under just one roof. We maintain, recondition or provide new pumps, compressors and electric motors and gas engines. These particular features distinguish us from the competition: Compressors include rotary vein, reciprocating, air and gas. A team member can size the proper compressor for your needs as well. AMS has an on-site mechanical seal department that manufactures new and reconditioned mechanical and cartridge seals. Our facility and staff are capable of reconditioning your viable seal components as well as building one off seals. We can provide a custom seal service for your needs. Custom engineered and manufactured skids are available through our fabrication shop. Team members can size a pump to your specs, provide the necessary components, fabricate the skid to your design plans and deliver, install and start up the equipment. We also recondition, repair and sell new electric motors. Our team is capable of testing your electric motors, pinpointing any necessary repairs, advising on the steps to repair the conditions and making the necessary repairs. Our highly skilled machine shop can build custom parts and or duplicate them. If we can't get the part our shop can completely recreate it. This allows us to not spend time looking for a part and increase turnaround time. We have field mechanics that come to your location. They are top notch and we pride ourselves with having all jobs called in completed within 24 hours or are in progress of completion. Our team can offer a free survey of your locations that we keep secured in a "hard" file. This allows us to save you time and money reducing downtime. When you call, we can pull the exact item for that unit and head to your location since we know what it is instead of having to come out and see then go back to get it. Time is money! We keep our service trucks stocked with normally used items as well. We rent and sell PRU & VRU units. These are customized to your specific needs. Our millwright service, complete with laser alignment and vibration analysis. Also available, upon request, our mechanics can bring a trailer mounted steam cleaner to clean things up at your location. This is highly valuable on our PM services. AMS currently holds MSA's with many large oil companies. Our safety record is impeccable, and we are members of ISNETWORLD, which allows our customers to keep track of our record. We comply with whatever your regulations are (MSA required or not). In summary, we are committed to our clients, have the ability and knowledge to perform at your expectations or exceed them. We believe you will find us convenient to have on the job since we offer so much at one company AND do outstanding work. Our philosophy is "We won't do it unless it's done right and if it's not right then we will make it right!”